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Chido Clan School

Kyūhankō Chidōkan



This clan school was opened in 1805 by Sakai Tadaari, who was revolted by society's deteriorating moral values. To improve the manners, the knowledge, and the quality of the warriors and the citizens in general, Tadaari opened this school where Ogyû Sorai's Confucianist doctrine was taught very thoroughly. The first Chidokan Clan School was initially located in front of the current Tsuruoka Station but then moved next to the Shonai Castle in Tsuruoka Park in 1816. On top of regular classrooms and libraries, the school featured an archery practice area and a horse riding track. The school was abandoned in 1873 due to the Boshin War that put an end to the Shogunate and the Lord system.

Chidokan's Clan School is registered in the National Historical Monuments list since 1951.