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Umibe no yado Ikkyū

海辺の宿 一久

All the rooms in Ikkyu offer a view of the sea. Ikkyu is a member of the Silver Star association, which guarantees the registered establishments are elder-friendly.

Telephone number
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1-chōme-1-10-29 Yunohama, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-1201, Japan


What's to see around:

Kamo Aquarium

Kamo Aquarium

Kamo suizokukan

World's largest Jellyfish aquarium!

Zenpoji Temple

Zenpoji Temple

Ryûtakusan Zenpôji

One of the Three Main Soto Zen Buddhist temples in Japan, along with Myogonji Temple (Aichi Prefecture) and Saijôji Temple (Kanagawa Prefecture).

Sugio Shrine

Sugio Shrine

Sugio jinja

The shrine linked to the legend of Mekke Inu the dog, in Oyama village

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