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Busshōike Goya

Busshoike Goya


Busshoike-goya is conveniently located halfway to the top of Mt. Gassan from Gassan Hachigome. It serves as a café during the day, and as a mountain lodge at night. Please buy a little something if you wish to take a rest inside Busshoike Goya.

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Tachiyazawa, Shonai, Higashitagawa District, Yamagata 999-6609, Japan


What's to see around:

Midahara Shrine

Midahara Shrine

Midahara jinja

A shrine for couple bonding, happy marriages and plentiful harvests.

Gassan Shrine

Gassan Shrine

Gassan jinja

The ultimate goal of Mt. Gassan's hiking experience.

Gassan's wild flowers

Gassan's wild flowers

Gassan no kōzan shokubutsugun

You can spot around 70 species of plants in Mt. Gassan throughout the year.

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