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+ taxes

5 dishes/1500 yens

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7 dishes/2000 yens

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9 dishes/3000 yens

in Mt. Haguro

As part of the "shojin-ryori project" led by Haguro Tourist Association, several shukubo (pilgrim lodge) at the base of Mt. Haguro propose visitors to try their unique shojin-ryori (ascetic vegetarian cuisine) for lunch. You can reserve a shojin-ryori lunch until 3 days prior to the reservation date.

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To make a reservation for Shojin-Ryori lunch in Mt. Haguro, please take the time to fill out the information below.


on Mt. Haguro

A yamabushi will guide you from Zuishinmon gate to the Five-Storied Pagoda while telling you the story of Dewa Sanzan (jp only)

Price: 3000 yens/group under 20 persons

45 min. tour

A Yamabushi monk will guide you Zuishinmon gate to the top of Mt. Haguro, telling you the story of Dewa Sanzan while accompanying you in your climbing of the 2446 stone steps. (jp only)

Price: 7000 yens/group under 20 persons

2 hours tour

A Yamabushi guide will guide you on the top of Mt. Haguro for a 20 min. visit, then will bring you inside Dewa Sanzan Shrine to have you blessed by the priests of Mt. Haguro during a 20min. long prayer. (jp only)

Price: 16000 yens /group under 20 persons

Blessing + visit


To make a reservation for a Yamabushi guide in Mt. Haguro, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Need an interpreter?

We can provide free interpreting services in English and French for large groups of visitors (above 9 persons) according our schedule availability. Reach us through the form below to ask for language assistance:



on May 25th


To make a reservation for the bakémono outfit rental experience, please take the time to fill out the form:

Take part in the Tsuruoka Tenjin Matsuri on May 25th with the inhabitants by renting a Bakémono ("disguised man") outfit. People will help you out with the dressing up part, and will give you a set of saké and juice to serve people in the streets.

Rental fees: 500 yens/person

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