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Around Mount Haguro - Historical Movie Set: Studio Sedic

At a 10min. ride from Mt. Haguro, there is an open movie set where dozens of famous historical movies were shot. This place is called Studio Sedic Shonai Open Set スタジオセディック庄内オープンセット.

Popular historical movies like Oshin (2008), Ruroni Kenshin (2012), Departures (2008) or TV series like Yûsha Yoshihiko (2011-2016) were produced by the Studio Sedic.

Studio Sedic hosts movies productions since 2006 and opened to the public in 2009. The calm of the region and the only presence of the mountains around it makes it the perfect place to shoot movies in secrecy and calm.

The movie sets consists of seven villages:

Otemon Gate 大手門, up the entrance

The entrance with its Edo Period gate, the fisherman village, the farmer village, the 15th-17th century village, the inn village, and the mountain village. The place is quite big: more than 3km of ancient-looking buildings and rice fields. For those who do not wish to walk, there is a tour bus pass (unlimited rides) available for 500 yens/person. The bus stops at each village every 20 minutes.

Oshin's movie set

The movie set is popular among movie directors because of the historical accuracy of each building. Both the outside and the inside of the buildings perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the period they represent. To complete the historical immersion experience, you can try one of the various kimono that are free to rent, to pose in one of the specified area, for incredible pictures and selfies.


April to September: 9:00 to 17:00

October to November: 09:00 to 16:00


Late November to Late April

Bad weather days


1300yens / adults & teenagers

900 yens / children under 11 y.o


500 yens / person


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